Model 322 (3.5×5′)


Model 322 is our smallest poultry shelter for backyards. This is a mini Cackellac chicken tractor for 5 – 6 chickens and measures 3.5W’ x 5’ L x 2H’ . This chicken tractor is lightweight rust-free and easy to move every day, but it withstands winds because of the anchors that pin down all four corners. It has coated mesh on the ends and strong polycarbonate sides and roof. You can gain easy access through sliding roof openings on both sides and it comes with a built-in roost.

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322 Clear Roof Panels, Set

322 End-Closure Panels, Set

322 Layer Kit

Everything you need to keep laying hens in the Model 322. The kit includes a nest box, feeder, and waterer.

**shipping charges may apply if ordered after March 1st.

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