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What is Cackellac and Alumi-Coop?

Cackellac and Alumi-Coop shelters help farmers with the challenge of outdoor animal production by providing a mobile shelter that can be moved easily to fresh pasture daily.

Why purchase a Cackellac or Alumi-Coop shelter?

  • Perfect for those who want to do pasture-raised animals as they provide fresh pasture while still protecting them from predators and weather.
  • Provide shelter without the need of a barn, at a fraction of the cost.
  • It is a shelter without the need for a fixed foundation – it’s got wheels so it can easily be moved anywhere, making it perfect for intensive grazing pasture management style production.
  • The lightweight structure makes it easy to move compared to some other mobile styles.
  • Versatile for whatever animals you want to keep inside, whether you want to keep poultry, rabbits, hogs, sheep, or goats.
  • When not using it to raise animals, turn the shelter into a greenhouse by simply swapping out the white cover for a clear cover
  • Many accessories and customizable options are available for your specific requirements.
Cackellac chicken shelter model 1312

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