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Our Farm

What do you feed your animals?

All our animals are on pasture year-round. In addition, we feed them a NON-GMO feed and any other natural treats they may enjoy (for example, vegetable garden extras and leftovers).

Do you use any hormones or chemicals on your products?

No, we believe in keeping our animals and fields as “all-natural” as possible. This starts with not spraying our fields with any fertilizers or other chemicals, and none of our animals are treated with any growth hormones.

Is your farm certified organic?

No, we are not certified organic, but we are committed to the principles of organic agriculture.

Online Ordering

How does payment work when I pre-order online?

When you pre-order online, you will pay approximately 50% as a deposit.  Once we have the chickens and they have been weighed, the actual cost is determined with the remaining payment due by Interac e-transfer or cash upon pick-up.

How do I pre-order online?

Pre-orders are now open for orders that will be available starting on Summer 2022.

Is the chicken meat fresh or frozen?

Fresh chicken is only available for pick-up when pre-ordered. The next fresh pick-up date is Summer 2022.

Frozen chicken is available anytime until we are sold out (contact us to arrange a pick-up time).


How does shipping work?

Local pickup at our farm is free of charge. If you would like us to ship Cackellac products to you, please contact us with your shipping information, as well as what products you would like to order before you place an order through our website.

Do you offer installation services?

Installation services are available and can be priced upon request. Please contact us to get a custom quote.